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1. High Performance, Quality Products

The AireGard brand offers clients the advantage of high quality, well-researched, professionally designed air ventilation, HVLS fans, and hand dryers based on decades of in-depth industry knowledge. Our products deliver multi-level benefits in terms of functionality, durability and aesthetics.

2. Established Industry Specialist

Gard Inc. started its business in 2001 and has since successfully solidified its position as a leading player in the industry through strong leadership and experience. The AireGard brand exemplifies this culture of excellence and has become the top choice for discerning clients.

3. Certification And Compliance

All our AireGard products have been tested and certified by relevant local and international regulatory bodies including SIRIM Malaysia and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Our in-house technical team, Gard Squad, is also certified by the Construction Industrial Development Board (CIDB) and National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to comply with industry safety standards and requirements for services provided.

4. Comprehensive Sales Approach

Our meticulous sales approach that includes site visits enables us to gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ unique requirements. Complemented by our expert advisory, we are always able to help clients make the right choices.

5. Gard Squad®

With the Gard Squad®, our in-house technical team stationed at various branches nationwide, our clients enjoy the assurance of quick and reliable after sales support. Our team is well-trained and equipped with the latest technical know-how to solve any issues efficiently.

6. Team Dedication

At Gard Inc., we believe in investing in our employees to ensure growth in skills and personal development which contributes to staff loyalty. Our long-serving staff are passionate about the business and committed to serve the clients beyond their expectations.

7. Increased Productivity And Cost Efficiency

Clients who have implemented AireGard cooling and sanitary solutions record increased employee productivity with the enhanced comfort of the work space. They also enjoy cost savings as a result of reduced energy bills and eliminating the use of paper towels.