KDK Air Curtains 14ELK (4×14)

KDK Air Curtains 14ELK (4×14)

KDK Air Curtains 14ELK (4×14)

Category: KDK Air Curtains

Brand: KDK


Model: 14ELK (4×14)

Length (mm): 1200

Current (A): Hi 1.52 Lo 1.32

Outlet Velocity (m/s): Hi 22.5 Lo 20.1

CFM: Hi 1099 Lo 982

Motor W: Hi 333 Lo 290

Noise Level (dB): Hi 63 Lo 61

Net Weight (kg): 15.00

  • Unique sirocco fan provides an effective, amply-sized, powerful air door
  • Simplified installation; either wall-hang, or suspended from ceiling of a room
  • Two-speed changeover (HI, LO and OFF) is available with a push-button switch provided in the unit
  • Attractive modern design enchances installation placement in any location

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