KDK Nikko Jr K12UX (120cm/48")


KDK Nikko Jr K12UX (120cm/48")

Category: Remote Control Type

Brand: KDK


Model: K12UX

RPM: Low 80 High 236

Capacity (CFM): 6604

Motor W (FAN ONLY ): Low 3.0 High 28.0

Motor W (FAN & LIGHT): Low 21.0 High 46.0

Motor HP: 0.038

Motor Type: DC

Noise Level (dB): 50

Net Weight (kg): 4.90

  • DC (Direct Current) motor for energy saving
  • LED Lighting comes with 3 level of brightness control dedicated for different needs and preference
  • Remote control function with 9 speed control, 2-8 hours sleep mode, 1-8 hours OFF and ON timer
  • Geared up with 1/f Yuragi feature (Natural breeze)
  • Suitable for small and low ceiling room
  • Built-in LCD screen remote control

K12UX High Medium Low
Brightness Control 150(lx) 75(lx) 3(lx)
LED Colour Cool Daylight Cool Daylight Cool Daylight
Wattage 18W 9W 1W 

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